Les Australiens de Gods Of Eden dévoilent le clip vidéo The Overseer extrait l’album From The End Of Heaven qui sortira le 09 octobre.

Overseer – Lyrics

Transiting through its new phase

Behind the veil of time, hidden in darkness and mystery
With a wandering eye searching for signs of humanity
What it finds is conflicted untruth, rape and disease

Transiting through its next phase
Transmitting all that it sees
The hidden eye soaking up our tragedies

From the oldest of times man was a child of the stars
From the dirt down below we reached for the heavens above
But the contacts we made set fire to all of our dreams
And the fruit of our seed rotted to ash on the tree


Gods vaporising all the peasants to waste
The golden hand that holds you down to mythical fallacy
Delivering the self destructive force of our conscience
Ripping all it can out from the womb of a virgin world

Despite what is inside echoing the state of all catastrophic embracing
The incompetence is clear etched across the face of every medicated zombie here

We have forsaken our chance at an infinite destiny wrapped in acute denial
And greed

Shifting its focus again
Dividing the children of man
The hidden eye architect of tragedy