Hellfest 2016 : le groupe Down ne sera pas de la partie

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Les organisateurs ont annoncé hier matin que suite à des évènements récents, Down annule sa venue en Europe et se voit donc déprogrammé de l’affiche du Hellfest. À la place, ce sera Puscifer, le groupe du chanteur de Tool qui jouera sous la Valley dimanche 19 juin. Autre information, Fu Manchu change de jour et d’horaire : ils seront sur scène le samedi 18 en headliner.

Ci-joint le communiqué de l’artiste :

« Dearest Ben-
Philip H. Anselmo here Brother…

First, and foremost, there is NO WAY I can possibly thank you enough for « fighting the good fight » for me, and ALL of my bands, namely Down in this instance. Your love & backbone will never be forgotten, and from this point on through the rest of my fighting life, I owe you every ounce of praise!

My AWFUL mistake has taken a toll on my reputation, and justly so! However I must point out, you damned-well KNOW ME better than this drunken incident could ever describe.

Hellfest is my heart!!!

And my embarrassment is tremendous, because I only have LOVE for people all over this skirmishing earth.

So my brother, it fucking rips my heart into further pieces to let you know, I don’t think I should do ANY Euro festivals this year.

So PLEASE I BEG YOU, give me this time to get my brain clear, and to come back (if you will have me back) next year my brother, I implore you!

Plus, the re-emergence of the knee injuries have been plaguing me of late as well, so I must address this too, through physical rehabilitation & rest.

Knowing my character, when I put my mind to something THIS DIRE, I come back 100-times better, and THAT’S what the Mighty Hellfest deserves!!!

My love for you & the rest of the gang that makes Hellfest THE TOPS, goes on and on and on…

Much love & respect-

Philip H. Anselmo (and the H. stands for HEALING) »

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